DRAFT (25. November 2019)

  Click on the lowest string of the HELICONA (square) to determine the working angle of the divider and hereby the pitch of the chord.
  The ticks indicate octaves so that the pitch range of the chord can be varied within three octaves.
  The mouse button determines which type of chord is played:
   LEFT: major
   RIGHT: minor
   CENTER: mix (= major + minor: all strings are activated)

  The sounds produced with the HELICONA are also shown on the VOLVELLE (circular diagram), which rotates according to the pitch of the chord, i.e., the working angle of the helicona.
  The full circle corresponds to an octave so that the rotation angle determines the octave class of the pitch of the chord.
  The working angle can be determined also by clicking the circle line, however, in his case the pitch of the chord remains in the lowest octave.

  The buttons labelled 'Major', 'Minor' and 'Mix' play the corresponding chords as arpeggios.